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Dry Fashion Super desiccant

Based on deep research and strict product tests, We developed Dry Fashion series desiccants and provides perfect solutions to the garments’ mould problem.

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Dry Fashion Super Desiccant
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Product features

*Super Adsorption

Dry Fashion Unique absorbent formula, adsorption capacity over 300%(3 times of absorbent weight), excellent performance of protection, create a super dry environment during storage and shipment.

*Smart design

Good appearance, smart size, flat shape, no occupying space, suits different package sizes of textiles, garments, shoes etc.
Available Specs: 2g, 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g etc.

*Safe &Reliable

After full adsorption, the absorbent will turn into gel, no liquid flow, no leakage.
Double package materials, double security: The outer package is high grade laminated non-woven with excellent air breathing and water-proof performance.
What is more, Dry Fashion's patented Inner-print Lamination technology, entirely eliminate the risk the pollutions upon garments caused by the dropped print ink.
The inner package is Dupont Tyvek, which is also with excellent function of air breathing and water-proof.

Specification Sheet

Model Net Weight(g) Product Size(cm) Packing Qty(pcs/ctn)
DF-02 2 8.5*5.5 2000
DF-05 5 11.5*5.5 1000
DF-10 10 10.3*10.2 500
DF-25 25 14.5*10.2 400
DF-50 50 17*10.2 200
DF-100 100 17.5*16 100
Ctn Size(cm) 46*28*26


Carton Size:460mm*280mm*260mm
Net Weight:10kg/carton desiccant package

Product Picture(Click pic to enlarge)

  • dry fashion desiccant 2g


  • dry fashion desiccant 5g


  • dry fashion desiccant 10g


  • dry fashion desiccant 25g


  • dry fashion desiccant 50g


  • dry fashion desiccant 100g




Used in the mould prevention of testiles,garments.accessories,shoes,cpas,bags,suitcases ets. dry fashion super desiccant applications
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