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DriFashion takes pride in its patented core technologies. It is outcome of years of deep research and plenty of tests. Based on these technologies, we have designed and manufactured products with excellent performance, which brings outstanding moisture prevention effects and reliable cargo security.

1. Unique absorbent formula :

DriFashion developed unique formula of absorbents, which is quite different from the other desiccant suppliers, not matter in physical appearance, or in adsorption performance.
First, it has stronger adsorption capacity over 250%. Second, fantastically, in the whole process of absorbing, from the beginning, to the full working conditions, until being saturated, the absorbent remains in solid form , no single minute turn into liquid form. It entirely prevents the risk of liquid leakage.

DriFashion moisture absorbing effect chart

desiccant powder before absorption
powder before absorption
desiccant gel after absorption
gel after absorption
Gel solid, strong adhesion!
Gel solid, strong adhesion!

DriFashion desiccant VS Other CaCl2 powder desiccant

Most desiccant products on the current market, the CaCl2 powders inside sachets turns into entire liquid when the adsorption reaches 60%~80%. This state of being liquid lasts several days or even longer (depending on the temperature & humidity conditions) , then it slowly turns into gel.
It is a high-risk period when the absorbent remains in liquid. When the desiccant sachets are squeezed or pressed during transport or operation, the joint of sealing part has a risk to be cracked and damaged. As a result, the leakage occurs from the inside liquid,and then the customers’ goods is polluted by the leakage.
DriFashion super desiccant absorption

Inside print lamination technology:

2. Inside print lamination technology:

DriFashion developed inside print lamination technology. That is, print on the breathable film, then laminate special non-woven onto the film, covering the printed side. You can see the print very clearly as we use high grade transparent non-woven. Meanwhile, the printing side is not in direct contact with the target product. It completely eliminates the printing ink’s pollution upon clothing, textiles and other products.

Most of desiccant products on the current market are with the print on the outer surface of desiccant sachets.
The print ink is in direct contact with the target products, resulting in ink contamination.
Water-based ink is easy to drop. Oil-based ink is not green enough, often contains harmful substances.
A simple way to test if the ink is easy to drop:
Rub the printing surface strongly with fingers. See if the fingers are with ink contamination.
Or take some adhesive tapes with strong adhesiveness, paste firmly onto the printing surface. Rip down the tape to see if there is ink contamination.

3. Packaging materials:

With superior permeability , while liquid water can not penetrate the properties of packaging materials to ensure superior results desiccant moisture and full security .

Desiccant Inner-Print Lamination Technology
Inner-Print Lamination Technology
Air Breathing & Water-Proof
Air Breathing & Water-Proof
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