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Who are we?

DriFashion is a brand under TOPSORB , is specialized in providing powerful desiccants products and moisture adsorption systemic solutions for electronic products, textile and garment, industrial product packaging and other industries.
We are a professional manufacturer with powerful production systems, an independent developer of core technology, a service provider of garment industry supply chain with international perspective.

Why DriFashion Sells so hot?

1. Patented core technologies
* Unique absorbent formula:
After years of experiments and research, DriFashion developed unique absorbent formula, moisture adsorption capacity over 250%. Importantly, the absorbent remains in solid form in the entire absorbing process, no liquid leakage risk.
*Inside printing lamination technology: print on the breathable film, then laminate special transparent non-woven onto the film, covering the printed side.
The printing can be seen clearly, but it is not in direct contact with the target product. It completely eliminates the printing ink pollution upon clothing, textiles and other products.

2. Powerful production system
We have good equipped factories in Shanghai and Tianjin.
For different products of different formula, we have two separate production systems with forward-looking design.
With a belief that good products come from good equipment, we invest heavily to good facilities and equipments. It greatly reduces the labor dependence and instability from on manual processes.
In the automatic production, we walk ahead of this industry.

3. Professional, fast service
* We design a variety of product specifications to suit cartons and containers in different size from different customers. In the principle of "safe and suitable ", we try to ensure adequate moisture effects, and control the cost in balance;
* With many years of experience of supply chain service for garment industry, we have a deep understanding of the value of “move fast”, the value of rapid response to customers’ demand, the value of rapid delivery of customers’ orders.
For large multinational customers, we set up a special team (rather than a single Sales or Customer Service ) to provide one stop services ;

What makes us different?

1. Highly focus :
Based on the philosophy " to be the best in one market segment " , DriFashion highly focus on serving garment and textile industry by supplying super desiccant sachets and container desiccants as a solution of moisture damage in product package and during container transport.
From absorbent formula to product design, from production to packaging, every step we devote efforts, every detail we treat it strictly.
We believe, no focus, no professional.

2. Elite Team:
Our greatest asset is not equipment, plant, the core technology, but our motivated elite team.
It consists of people from different places, with different specialty backgrounds, covering the following areas: polymer materials, industrial design, production, international marketing, logistics, supply chain management etc.
This team works together on a well organized platform, sharing the common values, diversified ideas, running our system in a high efficiency.

What values we create ?

Protect your products from moisture damage in package,
Protect your goods quality during transport,
Protect your brand value!
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International Sales Manager
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