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Dry Fashion is trying to build a world-wide distribution network, covering the regions and countries where global garments industry locates.
If you feel interested in this business, welcome to join us!

What advantages to be Dry Fashion’s agent?
1) A huge, growing market, with high concentration ratio
2) Favorable distribution price offered by Dry Fashion
3) Dry Fashion’s patented products make you very competitive
4) Regular, repeated purchase orders from customers
(Desiccant is a kind of good consumable material, only one time use).
5)Exclusively represent Dry Fashion in your region or country

What supports an agent can get from Dry Fashion?
1) Samples, brochures free of charge
2) Product and technical training whenever needs
3) You are welcome to visit Dry Fashion’s office and factory, meet our team and managers
4) We make advertisement and market promotion continuously
5) We share business opportunities and customer inquiries with you

What responsibilities of an agent?
1) Collect orders from customers in the authorized distribution region or country.
2) Deliver the goods to the customers quickly and promptly
3) Provide quick response and after-sales service to customers
4) Comply with Dry Fashion’s price policy and sales policy
5) Purchase from Dry Fashion with our M.O.Q
Contact us by sending email to
Or Skype:
Agent_Dry Fashion
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