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T-Shell Super Desiccant

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How to prevent or Remove moisture in headlights.

To solve the problem of fogging of the auto lights, TOPSORB provides a perfect solution.T-Shell Super Desiccant can effectively adsorb humidity in auto lights, control “Dew Doint” and create a dry environment inside the lighting system,preventing the condensation and fogging phenomenon.

What factors cause fogging in auto lights?

1.There are condensation nucleus in auto lights;
2.There is water vapor in auto lights;
3.Temperature difference in auto lights;
4.Big temperature changes in auto lights;

Influence Of Humidity On Photometric Systems

If humidity penetrates into a lighting system, the impairment to the light distribution or light output as perceived by the driver only represents the obvious effect. The corrosion caused by humidity is a much more serious problem in many cases. Whereas excessive fogging in headlamps and other lamps can be seen quickly, corrosion works in hidden spots. The whole extent of the “decay” only comes to light when diagnostics take place, e.g. when one of the light functions fails. Corroded plug connections, crimp contacts that have been oxidized away, and completely dilapidated bulb holders are only a few examples of what can be found. Compared with commercial vehicles and passenger cars, this subject is even more of an issue with motor homes and caravans. Here, penetrating humidity may not only damage the light and its wiring, it can also spread into the insulation of the bodywork, which can result in mold forming.


Unique Formula

The absorbent is based on nique absorbent formula, changes from powder to white solid after absorption. It keeps in dry conditions all time, no liquid ,no leakage.It has excellent stability, achieving perfect balance between continuous powerful absorption capacity and turn into solid and dry conditions.

T-Shell Super Desiccant Before Adsorption T-Shell Super Desiccant After Adsorption

T-Shell Super Desiccants are strictly manufactured under ISO9001:2008 quality management system, All series of products have passed the ELV tests, meeting the requirements of GB/T30512-2014 car banned substances. The production line uses a fully sealed dust removal device. The system is under strict quality control in adsorption performance, heat sealing strength, anti-dust etc.

T-Shell Super Desiccant

T-Shell super desiccants are divided into Fast Acting Type (Type F) and Long Acting Type (Type L) by using different packaging material and formula,
Fast Acting Type has adsorption capacity over 120% ,
Long Acting Type can reach over 220% in adsorption capacity.
T-Shell Super Desiccants can be equipped with high adhesive glue, easy to use.Both types have high tensile strength and good penetrating resistance.

T-Shell Outer Pack Material

Made of special packaging material imported from Japan, composed of three layers materials such as waterproof paper, Non-woven and Perforated polyethylene,The material has great performance of tensile strength and air breathing.


T-Shell Super Desiccant is widely used in auto light, precision machinery, instrument, medicine, electric and metal products and war-industry products etc.

T-Shell Specifications

More specifications can be customized

Desiccant Adsorption Capacity

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Desiccant Outer Pack Material

Air Breathing & Water-Proof

Desiccant Outer Pack Material

Product Picture

Desiccants pack for headlights

Fast Acting Type(Type F)

Desiccants pack for headlights

Long Acting Type(Type L)


T-Shell Outer Pack Technical Data

weight g/m² 82
Thickness μm 185
Sealing strength MD N/15mm 15.6
CD N/15mm 8.8
Tensile strength MD N/15mm 71.4
CD N/15mm 44
Tearing strength MD N 13
CD N 13.6
Puncture strength N 10.8
Air permeability s/100ml 125
Water vapor permeability g/m²/24hr 200-300(L)50-60(F)
TopSorb已通过ISO9001质量管理体系认证 TUV认证 SGS认证 PONY认证 intertek认证 REACH认证
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